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Reservation information

updated 21.02.2019

Reservation information

The Booking conditions apply to Book1Trysil AS NO-2420 Trysil, 921147082, telephone (+ 47) 62 45 40 00 as responsible landlord. The Terms apply between Book1Trysil AS, from now referred to as the landlord, and the person responsible for renting the accommodation at Book1Trysil and their travel companion, from now referred to as the tenant. 

The Agreement relates to the rental of the accommodation and ancillary products at Book1Trysil: 


The Landlord Responsibility

The Landlord has the following responsibilities towards the guest: 

-Ensure that the tenant receives a written confirmation of their order, as well as the necessary information. 

-That The accommodation is consistent with the description provided before booking. 

-That the tenant receives the services that are ordered. 

The landlord will be subject to any printing or proofing errors in brochures, price lists and on our own website. 


Tenant`s Responsibility

Purchase order 

It is the tenant's responsibility to check the booking and ensure that the arrival and departure dates are correct. 


Age Requirements 

The Renter must be 18 years of age and responsible for the accommodation during your stay. All guests will be legiinating and registering at the reception at check-in. 

There is a requirement that the age limit is met. If The age limit is not met when the accommodation is to be taken over, the guest who does not meet the claim will be refused and will not be checked in. The amount Paid for the stay will not be refunded. For organised groups and families, exceptions to the above rules can be made under agreement with the landlord. 

After the landlord's assessment, it will also be required a separate agreement when there is a reason for it. In These cases a deposit of NOK 2000, per person will be required. 



-The Tenant is obliged to follow House rules, instructions and regulations applicable to travel, accommodation and more. 

-Accommodation must only be occupied of the contractual number of persons. If modified from the time of booking, this shall be stated as early as possible and at the latest at check-in at the reception. 

-The Tenant may be provided with identification at check-in and during the stay if the situation dictates. 

-Own Music System/sound system is prohibited on all units. 

-Noise on the device for shyness will be counted. There should be rest in and around the unit between noon. 23.00 and 07.00. If the charge is not followed, the rejection will be taken immediately. The Rental amount is not refunded. 

-The landlord invokes the right to check devices for suspected damage without informing the tenant in advance. 

-No smoking in all units. Infringement entails a cleaning fee From NOK 6.000,- 



-On departure, the unit should be cleaned and cleaned according to the points of coarse cleaning. See Lookup in the unit. Cleaning is mandatory and does not include these points. Not performed gross cleaning will be billed according to hour consumption. 

-In case of defective/missing inventory/equipment, compensation is required on departure or etterfakturert. 

-All keys to the accommodation are to be filed upon departure. If This does not occur, a fee is debited from NOK 2.000,- For switching locks. 


Ordering and payment

The Booking and contract terms are confirmed by 25% of the rental amount, paid at least 12 days after booking. The Remaining amount is payable at least 42 days prior to arrival. For stays booked later than 42 days prior to arrival, the entire rental fee will be charged on the same day. Cancellation should be notified by mail or phone. The Order can be canceled if the final payment is not the landlord in the event of the reminder's maturity date. Cancellation must be made by mail, 


Fees for payment 

When paying from abroad, the tenant shall pay the costs in their home country and Norway. The landlord shall receive the agreed price as stated in the confirmation in NOK. 


Cancellation and Amendment Insurance

Conditions of the paid cancellation. 

Cancellation of the tenant stay earlier than 42 days prior to arrival, the prepayment will be refunded minus one handling fee of NOK 195,-per unit. If cancelled later than 42 days prior to arrival, the landlord retains the pre-payment in its entirety. 


Snow guarantee

Trysilfjellets now guarantee s valid from the 16th December 2018 and until season end spring 2019. 

We guarantee a minimum of 20 km prepared slopes and 620 height meters. 



The agreed rates are binding on both the landlord and the tenant. However, The landlord reserves the right to increase prices as a result of increased costs for increased taxes and fees or other conditions outside of the landlord's control.



The landlord is not responsible for unsatisfactory snow conditions, closed facilities or other conditions beyond our control. (except as noted in the section "snowgaranti"above).



Any complaints during the stay must be presented on site, within a reasonable time and at the latest. 10.00 the day after arrival, so the defect/error can be corrected immediately and with the least possible inconvenience to the guest. Failure to do so will normally result in loss of the right to subsequent claims.



Upon check-in, the landlord reserves the right to make a deposit after the following rates; 4-9 Bed NOK 2000, 10-bed NOK 3000,. The Deposit will be safe from vandalism and the like.


Check-In and checkout times

Check-In is from noon. 17.00 and check-out is by noon. 11.00 on all our devices. Delayed check-out will incur a fee of NOK 500 per hour.



The Tenant is kindly requested to contact the landlord if there is anything to postpone on booked stay. If the tenant and the landlord are unable to reach an agreement, any dispute shall be processed in the case of Norwegian in Sør-Østerdaltingrett.


Force majeuer

Events beyond the control of the contracting Parties, such as strikes, fires, natural disasters, that make it impossible to fulfill the obligations of this Agreement, give the right to terminate the agreement without liability.



Upon Confirmation of booking, the guest agrees that personal data may be processed by the landlord. This is necessary in order for the landlord to get in touch with the tenant in connection with the stay and other guest administration. The Information can also be used to inform about travel-related offers and guest surveys.